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1 Feb 2017 Learn what "Kush" cannabis means, the attributes that characterize a plant Indica vs. sativa: What's the difference between cannabis types? 25 Apr 2011 Kush vs Weed Who says gardening is only for those who have a green thumb? Anyone can actually plant. And planting plants is an economical  Kush is a strain of Cannabis indica. The origins of Kush Cannabis are from landrace plants of American politicians who have acknowledged cannabis use. Legal cases. Ker v. California (1963); Leary v. United States (1969); Gonzales v. 1 Dec 2016 Click here to learn all there is to know abou Skunk, Haze, and Kush cannabis strains. Royal Queen Seeds offers discreet delivery! 20 Sep 2018 Learn about cannabis strains Kush and Haze. Begin to understand marijuana genetics, and how sativa and indica dominant plants differ. 3 May 2019 Kush, a cannabis genotype that originated in the Hindu Kush mountain range, is praised by medical and recreational users alike. Here's all you 

When properly cured, OG Kush has an earthy, musty scent that is accented by some citrusy brightness: the overall impression is of a hoppy craft beer. Burning or 

Wikileaf: Lemon Kush Marijuana Strain Information Lemon Kush can describe a few different though similar strains. Prolific breeder Alien Genetics (creators of the popular indica Alien Kush) claims to have created one Lemon Kush strain by crossing Lemon G and Afghan Kush. Another, more common variety of Lemon Kush is the product of Master Kush and Lemon Joy. Cannabis testing lab Analytics 360 Dro vs Kush (Indica) - YouTube 16.05.2017 · Quick vid explaining the differences of these two popular strains categories being sold on the street. I was baked when i made this vid lol. UPDATE 2019 I kn What is 'kush weed'? - Quora

A strain of Cannabis, almost solely of the Indica variety. The name "Kush" originates from the Hindu-Kush mountains where it was cultivated for thousands of 

Kush Weed - YouTube Kush Weed è un canale d`intrattenimento per Smokers e non :D Il canale verrà aggiornato con almeno 1 Video ogni due giorni. Lasciate i vostri commenti e mett Blog | Get the Latest Hemp & Cannabis Industry News

18 Sep 2018 Type: Hybrid Genetics: OGKB X Strawberry Cookies Flavor: Sweet, fruity, pungent. Effects: Sedative, Mood Enhancement, Stress Relief. V Kush 

Kush vs Weed Wer sagt, Gartenarbeit ist nur für diejenigen, die einen grünen Daumen haben? Jeder kann tatsächlich pflanzen. Pflanzen zu pflanzen ist eine wirtschaftliche Möglichkeit, Geld zu sparen. What is the difference between kush and regular weed - Answers i have smoked alot of weed and my favorites would be purple banana kush,green crack,mango hawiian,blueberry kush purple kush train wreck, peanut butter and jelly and pineapple kush. thoes are just Unterschied Kush- Und Haze-Sorten - Zamnesia Blog